Traeger Tri Tip Recipe: A Mouthwatering Guide to Grilling the Perfect Tri Tip

Traeger Tri Tip Recipe: A Mouthwatering Guide to Grilling the Perfect Tri Tip

Welcome to the ultimate guide for grilling the perfect tri-tip using the Traeger grill! If you're a fan of tender, juicy, and flavorful beef, then this recipe is a must-try. Whether you're a seasoned grilling expert or a beginner looking to master the art of tri-tip grilling, we've got you covered. In this article, we will take you through a step-by-step journey of preparing and grilling a tri-tip to perfection. From selecting the right cut of meat to marinating it with delicious flavors, and finally, grilling it to a mouthwatering sear, you'll learn all the tips and tricks you need to create a show-stopping tri-tip feast. So, get your taste buds ready and let's dive into the world of succulent tri-tip grilling!

Traeger Tri Tip Recipe

Grilling a tri tip on your Traeger grill is a surefire way to achieve a juicy and flavorful dish. Impress your family and friends with this mouthwatering recipe that will leave them wanting more. Follow these simple steps and prepare to indulge in a delicious meal.


Before you start grilling, it's essential to properly prepare your tri tip. Begin by selecting a high-quality cut of tri tip from your local butcher or grocery store. Look for a piece that is well-marbled and about 2-3 pounds in weight. Once you have your tri tip, follow these steps to prepare it for grilling:


Start by trimming any excess fat from the tri tip. Leaving a thin layer of fat can add flavor and moisture to the meat, but removing excessive fat will prevent flare-ups during grilling.


Next, it's time to season your tri tip. Create a dry rub by combining your favorite herbs and spices. Common seasonings for tri tip include salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and onion powder. Be generous with the seasoning, ensuring that every inch of the tri tip is coated. Let the tri tip sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes to allow the flavors to penetrate the meat.


Now that your tri tip is prepped, it's time to fire up the Traeger grill and get cooking. Follow these steps for a perfectly grilled tri tip:


Before placing the tri tip on the grill, preheat your Traeger to a temperature of 325°F. This will ensure even cooking and a beautiful sear on the outside of the meat.

Grilling Time

Once the grill is preheated, place the tri tip directly on the grate, fat side down. Close the lid and let the meat cook for approximately 25-30 minutes per pound. For a medium-rare tri tip, aim for an internal temperature of 135°F. Use a meat thermometer to accurately monitor the temperature.

Wood Pellet Choice

The choice of wood pellets can greatly enhance the flavor of your tri tip. Opt for a hardwood pellet like hickory, mesquite, or oak to infuse a smoky taste into the meat.


About halfway through the cooking time, use tongs to carefully flip the tri tip. This will ensure even cooking on both sides and help to develop a beautiful crust.


Once the desired internal temperature is reached, remove the tri tip from the grill and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. This resting period allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, resulting in a tender and juicy tri tip.


Now that your perfectly grilled tri tip has rested, it's time to slice and serve! Take note of the grain of the meat and slice it against the grain for maximum tenderness. Serve the tri tip as is or alongside your favorite sides, such as roasted vegetables or a crisp salad.

Now that you have mastered the art of grilling tri tip on your Traeger, get ready to impress everyone with your culinary skills. Enjoy the juicy and flavorsome meat that will have everyone asking for seconds. Happy grilling!

Choosing the Right Tri Tip

Quality Matters

Selecting a high-quality tri tip is crucial when preparing a delectable Traeger tri tip recipe. Whether you visit your local butcher or shop at a grocery store, it's essential to choose a cut of meat with excellent quality. Look for marbling throughout the tri tip, which is the thin, streak-like pattern of fat running through the meat. This marbling enhances the tenderness and flavor of the tri tip. Additionally, be mindful of excessive fat on the cut. While a thin layer of fat can contribute to the overall taste, it's best to avoid cuts with an excess of fat. This way, you ensure a lean and delicious final result.

Trimming the Fat

Before diving into the Traeger tri tip recipe, it's necessary to trim the tri tip's excess fat. While some fat contributes to the flavor and juiciness, an excess of it can hinder the cooking process. By trimming the fat, you ensure even cooking throughout the meat while preserving its tenderness and taste. However, it's essential to leave a thin layer of fat on the tri tip. This thin layer adds moisture and enhances the flavors during the Traeger grilling process. Use a sharp knife to carefully remove any excessive fat and create an ideal balance for a mouthwatering tri tip.

Seasoning the Tri Tip

When it comes to seasoning your Traeger tri tip, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to use your favorite rub or create a simple yet flavorsome mixture of salt, pepper, and garlic powder. The essential part is to season the tri tip generously, ensuring that the flavors penetrate deep into the meat. This step is vital as it allows the tri tip to absorb the delightful combination of seasonings, enhancing its taste and aroma. Once seasoned, let the tri tip sit for at least 30 minutes to let the flavors infuse into the meat, creating a delightful and tantalizing experience for your taste buds.

Preparing the Traeger Grill

When it comes to cooking a delicious tri tip on your Traeger grill, proper preparation is key. In this section, we will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure a mouthwatering meal that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Preheating the Grill

Before you start grilling, it is essential to preheat your Traeger grill to the ideal temperature of 225°F (107°C). This low and slow cooking method will work wonders for your tri tip, resulting in a tender and juicy piece of meat that is bursting with flavor. To begin the preheating process, simply turn on your Traeger grill and set the temperature accordingly. Allow the grill to heat up until it reaches the desired temperature, which typically takes around 15-20 minutes.

Adding Flavor with Wood Pellets

One of the defining features of cooking on a Traeger grill is the use of wood pellets to infuse flavor into your food. When it comes to tri tip, it is important to choose wood pellets that will complement the rich and robust flavor of beef. Popular options include hickory or mesquite, both of which add a delightful smoky taste to the meat. To add the wood pellets to your Traeger grill, simply fill the pellet hopper to the appropriate level. It is always wise to have extra pellets on hand to ensure a continuous flow of smoke throughout the cooking process. Once the hopper is filled, allow the grill to produce smoke for a few minutes before placing the tri tip on the grates.

Setting Up Direct and Indirect Heat

To achieve the perfect texture and doneness for your tri tip, it is crucial to set up your Traeger grill for both direct and indirect heat. This cooking technique allows you to sear the tri tip over high heat, creating a flavorful crust, and then finish it off with gentle heat for even cooking. Begin by turning one side of your Traeger grill to high heat, while leaving the other side on medium heat. This setup creates two zones – a hot zone for searing and a cooler zone for indirect cooking. Once the grill is properly heated, carefully place the tri tip on the hot zone and sear it for a few minutes on each side until a golden brown crust forms. After achieving the desired sear, transfer the tri tip to the cooler zone and close the lid to allow gentle heat to circulate around the meat. This method ensures that the meat is cooked evenly, resulting in a tender tri tip that is bursting with flavor.

Grilling the Tri Tip

To achieve a delicious and mouthwatering Traeger tri tip, you need to follow a few key steps. Grilling the tri tip is the first and most crucial part of the cooking process. It involves searing the meat to lock in its juices and create a flavorful crust.

Searing the Tri Tip

To start with, place the tri tip directly over the hot burners of your Traeger grill. The intense heat will sear the meat, creating a beautiful caramelized crust. Remember to season the tri tip with your favorite rub or marinade to enhance its flavor.

Let the tri tip cook for a few minutes on each side. The exact timing may vary depending on the thickness of the meat, but aim for a nice golden brown color on the surface. This searing process not only enhances the taste but also helps seal in the meat's natural juices, ensuring a moist and tender final result.

Slow Cooking the Tri Tip

Once you've achieved a perfect sear on all sides, it's time to move the tri tip to the indirect heat side of the grill. This is where the magic happens! The slow cooking process allows the meat to cook evenly and reach the desired internal temperature.

Continue cooking the tri tip until it reaches a medium-rare to medium level of doneness. The ideal internal temperature ranges from 130°F to 135°F (54°C to 57°C). However, you can adjust this according to your personal preference. Remember, a meat thermometer is your best friend in determining the meat's doneness.

Resting and Slicing

Once the tri tip has reached your desired level of doneness, it's crucial to let it rest before slicing. Resting allows the juices within the meat to redistribute, resulting in a more flavorful and tender outcome.

Remove the tri tip from the grill and place it on a cutting board. Tent the meat loosely with aluminum foil to keep it warm. Let it rest for about 10 to 15 minutes, allowing the flavors to harmonize and the juices to settle.

After the resting period, it's finally time to slice the tri tip. Place it on a cutting board and cut against the grain for maximum tenderness. By slicing against the grain, you're cutting through the muscle fibers, resulting in more tender and less chewy bites.

Remember to sharpen your knife before slicing to ensure clean and smooth cuts. Slice the tri tip into thin slices, roughly a quarter of an inch thick, and arrange them on a platter or serving dish. Now, your Traeger tri tip is ready to be enjoyed!

Whether you're serving it as a main dish or using it in sandwiches, the flavors and textures of your Traeger tri tip will surely impress your family and friends. So fire up your Traeger grill, follow these steps, and get ready to savor a mouthwatering piece of tri tip perfection!

Serving and Enjoying

Serving Suggestions

Once your Traeger tri tip is perfectly grilled, it's time to slice it against the grain and let it shine as the star of your meal. The first step to serving your tri tip is to carve it properly. Ensure you have a sharp knife to make clean and even slices. Carving against the grain will result in tender and easy-to-chew pieces. This can be easily achieved by looking for the lines or fibers in the meat and slicing perpendicular to them.

To complement the delicious flavors of the Traeger tri tip, you have several options for side dishes. Roasted vegetables are a wonderful choice, as their earthy flavors and caramelized edges perfectly complement the rich taste of the meat. You can also serve the tri tip with a fresh and crisp salad, which adds a refreshing touch to the meal. And if you're a BBQ sauce fan, this is the perfect time to bring out your favorite sauce and use it as a dipping companion or a flavorful drizzle over the meat.

Enjoying the Juicy Results

As you take that first bite of your perfectly grilled Traeger tri tip, allow yourself to savor the juiciness and explosion of flavors. The carefully chosen rub or marinade, combined with the slow and steady cooking process on your Traeger grill, has led to this delectable moment. Each bite offers a tender and succulent experience that will leave you wanting more.

Dining with family and friends enhances the enjoyment of this Tri tip recipe. The shared experience of savoring a perfectly cooked tri tip creates lasting memories and brings people together. So invite your loved ones, fire up the grill, and let the enticing aroma of the Traeger tri tip fill the air. It's a meal to be savored and appreciated in the company of those who matter most.


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