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    You are safe, we are here
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It seems that the sky has reached a great height in the atmosphere

Efficıent treatment guıde

It seems that the sky has reached a great height in the atmosphere


Test Tube

We work for your happiness with our hospital equipped with the latest technology equipment in our center.

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Egg Donation

Egg donation is a treatment performed when a woman has a uterus but cannot produce eggs.

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Vaccination therapy is the first assisted reproductive technique if there is a male origin problem in cases where pregnancy does not occur despite regular relationship.

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Sperm Donation

The sperm used in sperm donation are obtained from European banks such as Denmark.

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Embryo Donation

It is a method that allows vicious couples with both sperm and egg problems to have children.

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Egg Freezing Process

The egg freezing process is the freezing of the egg cells collected from women in their most productive ages thanks to the special freezing program for future use.

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Egg Donation

Some women cannot get pregnant with their own egg cells because there is a problem with their egg cells.

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Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis-PGD is the genetic diagnostic method used in the period before fertilization of the female egg before pregnancy but before it is placed in the uterus.

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Small TSE

The most common causes of infertility are male infertility. Infertility tests are used to determine the presence, quantity, motility and quality of sperm in men.

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Fetal Reduction

Fetal reduction (reduction of pregnancy) is the process of decreasing the number of embryos by stopping the heartbeat of one or two embryos in triple or more multiple pregnancies after IVF treatment. "

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Embryo Freezing Process

Embryo freezing and thawing methods, which have been applied in in vitro fertilization laboratories for 20-25 years, are able to achieve higher rates of pregnancy thanks to new techniques developed in recent years.

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We help people:

  • Couples without Natural Pregnancy
  • Single women who want to get pregnant
  • Men with Fertility Problems
  • Couples with Repetitive Pregnancy Losses
  • Couples with Genetically Hereditary Disorders
  • Cancer Patients Who Want to Protect Their Eggs
  • Women Who Want to Freeze Their Eggs
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Your baby is now 6 cm long and fully formed.

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13-18. HAFTA

Bebeğin alt uzuvları artık iyi gelişmiştir

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Verda Tunçbilek (Özkent)

Gynecologist and IVF Specialist
Verda Tunçbilek (Özkent) was born on 17 June 1975 in Nicosia. He graduated from Güzelyurt Turkish Maarif High School as a high honor student.

Patient Reviews

I found the Kyrenia IVF Center while I was doing research on the internet where we thought that it was all over and we could not have a baby. At first I was very insecure. My wife was already very responsive to Cyprus. Then, as I met with the nurse lady, she gave me honest information and fine details, explained the treatment, and responded to me no matter what time I called. The first time we got on a plane, we came to a place we never knew. They picked us up from the airport and placed us in the hotel. God help you in every matter. Our treatment went well, but I had no hope that I would still be pregnant. When the results came out I went into a major crying crisis I could not believe ... When I went to the first examination, I learned that he was a twin. Now we have Asia and Arda. I would like to thank all the staff and my doctor who work in Girne IVF

B. Y.
January 2018

Dear Kyrenia IVF Center I love you as much as my family. Because you have completed the part that I have not been able to complete for years. Dear Verda, for all your sincerity and honesty; Dear Mustafa Bey for your sincere efforts, my dear Idil, thank you for not failing to spare me any kind of support and smiling face and for the meticulousness of all your employees who introduced me to you, first of all when I lost my hopes and made me happy to be your mother. I love you very, very much. Next summer I will definitely come to Kyrenia with my baby. Yours ...

S. D.
March 2018

Mr.Tolga and Mrs.Verda, and all the friends who work at the Girne IVF Center, are having a very happy day thanks to you. All the friends working in your center were very kind and friendly to us. They helped us feel good about morale. We give you all our endless love and respect for all your help, interest and interest and your smiling face.

M. Z.
June 2018

My dear doctor Tolga Tuna, Embryologist Mustafa Bey, my dear Gökçe Nurse and all the other team members, I cannot thank and pray much. Quality team, friendly service and very fast response team compared to other places. Today my blood came out and I'm PREGNANT !! I will recommend this center to everyone who has been tired for years. I trusted you, and you have maintained this trust to the end. Thank you very much to everyone again after many years our dreams come true.

September 2018

First of all, I would like to thank my dear nurse İdil as the Girne IVF Center for her trust and sincerity during my treatment. I would also like to thank my doctor Verda for the friendliness she has given me with strength and affection for making me feel safe and full of love and energy. I would also like to thank my Embryologist Mustafa Bey and his team. We are pleased to know you. You are good

May 2019

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