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What is infertility in men?

What is infertility in men?
About 15 percent of couples are infertile. This means that you cannot have children even though you have often had unprotected sexual intercourse for a year or more. In about half of these cases, male infertility plays a role. Infertility in men occurs due to low sperm production, deformed or immobile sperm, or obstructions that prevent the output of sperm. Diseases, injuries, chronic health problems, lifestyle choices and other factors can lead to male infertility.
1. Sperm production disorders:
Sperm production and maturation disorders are most common in male infertility cases. Impairment may be caused by sperm count. Preventing fertilization of female eggs.
It may also be related to weakness of sperm movements or abnormalities of sperm shapes (morphology). For a man's sperm to be considered normal, the number of sperm must be at least 20 million / ml, 30% motile sperm and 4% structurally normal sperm. If the sperm values are lower than the aforementioned, there will be significant difficulties in obtaining pregnancy by natural means. Many factors can adversely affect spermiogenesis (production and maturation of sperm cells).
2. Structural disorders:
Complete or partial blockages that prevent sperm from coming out of the ovaries, the site of production, may be the cause of infertility. These obstructions may be congenital or may be due to subsequent infection. Surgical intervention through the ovary may also cause obstruction.

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