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Embryoscope Treatment

Embryoscope Treatment
In cases where a large number of embryos were obtained, in the past, embryos were transferred to the mother's womb according to one-time interim observation and observations on the day of the transfer. As a result, the IVF method was not known which embryo had improved better and the IVF process could fail. The couples also thought they would face the same negative consequences in their next IVF trial.
Now, thanks to the embryoscope system, couples no longer have such negative thoughts. First of all, the usual stages of IVF treatment have started. After determining whether there is any disease in the mother and father candidate, which method is suitable for you in vitro fertilization, eggs are taken from the mother and sperm from the candidate. These cells are then carefully fertilized in our specially prepared laboratories. After fertilization, a special EmbryoScope system enters the circuit.

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