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What is Egg Donation?

"What is Egg Donation?
Some women cannot get pregnant with their own egg cells because there is a problem with their egg cells. Women who cannot get pregnant with their own egg cells also turn to egg donation to have a baby. Determining the person who will donate eggs is an important factor for egg donation. There are also certain criteria for the selection of donors. An egg donor may be someone known to the couple. There is no genetic problem in this regard. However, ethical problems may arise between the family due to some future situations. Experts in egg donation should be selected from people who are not recognized by the family as a donor in order to avoid further problems. However, the final decision is always made by couples. Egg donors should also be of a certain age range. Healthy individuals in the 20-29 age range need to donate eggs. Because during this period, egg quality is both higher and more in number.

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