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What is Embryo Donation?

"What is Embryo Donation?
Embryo donation is different from in vitro fertilization treatment. In such cases, couples get pregnant by using appropriate eggs and appropriate sperm.

What should be the application in embryo donation?
As with other donation applications before the embryo donation, the medical reason of the application and all details should be discussed with the family. If the couples decide embryo donation after this interview, the evaluation of the recipient couple is initiated. After screening tests are performed for the recipient female, the description of the drug application to be used for the female in the medical preparation stage and the ultrasound follow-up are made until the embryo transfer process. The date of embryo transfer is determined according to the medical follow-up of the recipient and the recipient couple is specified in advance for embryo transfer. Women receiving embryo donation treatment with problems in the endometrium or uterus may need to use surrogate mothers.

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