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What is Embryo Freezing Process?

"What is Embryo Freezing Process?
Embryo freezing and thawing methods, which have been applied in in vitro fertilization laboratories for 20-25 years, are able to achieve higher rates of pregnancy thanks to new techniques developed in recent years.
In our unit, a more successful vitrification freezing method is applied instead of the slow freezing method used in the past.
Embryos are cryoprotectant and frozen at -196 ° C in liquid nitrogen tanks. If desired, these embryos are thawed by reverse procedures and transferred to the womb. All chemical reactions and cellular activities stop in liquid nitrogen. This is a kind of cellular sleep state. Experimental studies have shown that embryos can be stored in liquid nitrogen for a long time in a healthy way.
In our unit, embryo freezing (vitrification) is generally performed on the 3rd and 5th days. The good quality of frozen embryos directly affects the rate of embryos' viable return during the thawing process.

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