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What is Micro TESE?

"What is Micro TESE?
The most common causes of infertility are male infertility. Infertility tests are used to determine the presence, quantity, motility and quality of sperm in men. The most difficult problem is the absence of sperm in the semen. This problem, which was thought to be unsolved until a few years ago, can be solved at high rates with the developing technology in recent years. These methods, which play a very important role in the solution of male infertility, are two different methods called TESE and Microdissection TESE.
Microbeads is a microdissection method.It is a surgical method. TESE means obtaining sperm from the testis by biopsy. TESE or Micro-test method is one of the last techniques to be used in male infertility cases. Because this method is applied in people who have no sperm in the semen (azospermia) or have 100% immobile sperm.

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